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Debunking Myths About Vinyl Graphics


Many people might be skeptical about using vinyl graphics to wrap a vehicle. Despite the stigma, car wrapping is one of the safest and most visually appealing things one can do to their car. Here are a few myths about vehicle wrapping.

Installing Car Wrapping Will Damage Paint Underneath

 There are some people who believe vinyl wrapping is harmful to the paint on your car. In reality, vinyl wrapping actually protects the paint from chips, dirt, and overexposure to UV rays. Some people might also claim that removing the wrap will damage the paint on a car. However, this is only true if the wrap is not removed properly. With the proper removal technique, the paint will remain the same way that it was before the vinyl installation.

Vehicle Wraps Don’t Last Long

 Another myth is that vehicle graphics will require a lot of repairs and even a replacement shortly after installation. The biggest reason for damages to a vinyl wrap is overexposure to elements in the environment, like rain, snow, and dirt. Therefore, as long as the car and the vinyl wrap are cared for properly—meaning, keeping in it the garage when it’s not being used, washing it properly, and keeping it out of the sun— the vinyl wrap can last anywhere from 5 to 7 years.

It Isn’t an Effective Advertising Strategy

 There are critics that believe that the use of vinyl wrapping for company advertising is ineffective. On the contrary, this method is equally as effective as regular television and radio advertising. Vinyl wrap advertising is a great way to gain to attention of people on the road, especially for those who have been on the road all day and are bored or are stuck in traffic.

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