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Creative Ways to Educate Consumers Through Graphic Wraps

Huberts Lemonade

When a business makes a new product or service available to the public, they are then faced with the daunting task of informing the public.  A multitude of marketing efforts must work together to educate and pique the interest of consumers. Including graphic wraps in that marketing plan will help to promote local sales of new goods or services, impact impulse buys, and further the company’s branding efforts.

The best way to introduce newness is by making it easy to check it out Utilize vinyl graphics with high-quality images and a strong call to action at points of purchase to introduce new items. For services, highlight a lifestyle image on the graphic. Then place large and compelling graphics at brick and mortar locations in windows, near the checkout point, and on floor stand signs near displays, to attract consumers and impact impulse buys to try new products or services.

Update fleets with introductory graphic wraps A benefit of vehicle wraps is their affordability and easy execution of frequent updates as needed. Add a partial or full wrap announcing the new product or service to consumers. Utilize bold, large, high-quality imagery of new products and highlight a primary benefit with large text. If applicable, park vehicles at relevant locations to further drive interest. For example, a company that specializes in custom made car mats could position themselves at car shows, the racetrack, or other places that are likely to attract the business’ target consumers.

Use graphic wraps to drive online traffic to view demonstrations Businesses often struggle to communicate newness to consumers when something needs to be seen in action to understand the product’s capabilities. Steer consumers in the right direction by making an exciting announcement that directs them to the business’ website to view a video. Add partial or full vehicle wraps with compelling verbiage such as “Go to www.businesswebsite.com to check out our strongest motor yet.” Use bold text with a call to action that commands attention and piques interest to drive potential consumers to website. This is where they can clearly view and learn more about the product. Leveraging an exciting new product with broad appeal can help to attract new consumers to a brand. Bringing them to the business website helps to strengthen the connection and establish user trust for future business.

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