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Could QR Codes Work for Your Wrap?


For many years, QR codes were a big craze. Pushed into the mainstream by Foursquare, QR codes served a distinct purpose, to save you time. Simply by holding your phone to the QR code, instantly you were linked to any web address the marketer set the code for. Over time, this became a dated practice, and QR code usage dwindled. QR Codes weren’t the problem, but it is how they were used and where they were placed that was inefficient. For example, this Orangina wrap could have utilized the extra real estate on their vehicle for some form of a promotion, pulling in tons of impressions daily.

Here are a few examples where QR codes could work for your business:

  • Email Address Acquisition
    When working with sweepstakes and giveaways, it’s great to use a QR code to surpass the web address they would need to type in otherwise. This will bolster your email list with people interested in your product faster than most other contest means.
  • Customer Outreach
    After your catchy message, feel free to connect your QR to a contact form where your company can be reached, or connect to a sign up form for a consultation. Ease of use is surprisingly a major influencer in the decision to use or check out a new product.
  • Get Feedback
    If you’re already an established business with a solid clientele, use a QR code to solicit feedback from customers. “Gamifying”, turning the sign-up process into a game of sorts, is a great way to get high engagement with an advertisement.
  • Promote Apps
    For companies that are trying to push a new style of engagement such as Apps, this is fantastic way to do so. The process of finding an App, although very simple, is less than desirable if it can be made easier. This is what a QR can do for you! If you use this method in an area with high traffic and dense population, such as NYC or LA, you will dramatically increase downloads.

Whether it’s for acquisition, outreach, feedback, or product promotion, QR codes could work for you. People were quick to write off a technology that only worked with select cellular devices, but due to the increase of smart devices in recent years, this practice seems more and more valid each day. So next time you’re considering a vehicle wrap, define your primary goal first, and attack the marketing approach from there.

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