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Color Matters, Don’t Overlook Details on Your Vehicle Wrap

Top - Aug

Color is an essential aspect to marketing any brand due to the various feelings that are evoked when customers view and absorb the colors they are presented. Bring meaning to your vinyl wrap with proper use of color.

Acknowledge your target audience when selecting colors to market your brand to gauge what colors are appropriate for your brand. Particular colors represent different meanings across cultures. For instance, white is the standard bridal color in American culture, but red is the traditional bridal color in Chinese culture.

Intensity and color value are main factors that evoke a person’s mood. Brighter colors tend to create more positive moods, while darker colors conjure negative attitudes.

Colors also have their own distinct feelings attached to them. For example, red creates a feeling of anger and passion while blue exudes a calmer and relaxed vibe. Envision what mood or feeling you desire your consumers to experience when viewing your brand.

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