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Captain, the Fleet Is Approaching!


Having a countless amount of corporate trucks or tankers spreading branding mayhem across the country is a well devised battle branding strategy. Why not spread the “awareness-wealth” with the distribution of your product? Mobile media is incredibly cost-effective, especially if you already have the real-estate to do it.

Our client Coors does an amazing job with their branding as their iconic Silver Bullets stream across the nation with the help of our vinyl graphic expertise. JMR Graphics has the ability to make your campaign dreams come true for you, no matter how many trucks are in your fleet. To be perfectly honest, more is better.

The Corporate Fleet Rebranding Program is our strategy to get your fleet of vehicles looking their best while utilizing the large amount of mobile media you might currently possess. It may seem like a whole mess of work and worry to add custom vinyl graphics to so many vehicles, but this is why our Rebranding Program is your brand’s best option. We have professional creative design teams that will make sure your brand looks its best and will take every step of the process alongside of you. Once your custom vinyl graphics are ready for installation, our project management team will coordinate a plan to install each graphic across your fleet. To set your nerves at ease, this is a 30 year proven process and we look forward to another 30 years.

JMR Graphics custom vinyl graphics are of the highest quality as well. Everything from the ink to the printers to the laminate is of 3M specified quality to ensure your graphics are protected, even against the forces of nature. Don’t worry – we have you covered.

Does your corporate fleet need some rebranding? Do you have a fleet of trucks, but don’t have a sure-fire plan yet? Let JMR’s team of experts help you.

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