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Being Dull Is No Way to Promote an Event


When a company wants to start an event to show the world why their product is incredible, being unforgettable is important. Who would remember your brand new line of HDTV’s if your event truck had a small basic logo in the corner. Or even worse, if it had nothing on it at all.

Events need to pop! First impression is everything when it comes to events and we have the ability to make your brand draw consumers in with sheer excitement and curiosity. Let us help you excite the audience.

Our client Sharp needed their Aquos event to bring that true high quality experience outside as much as it was inside. With JMR Graphics’ full team to help them out, from design to installation, we were able to create a full vinyl graphic display that was worthy of their product. Having that full bright and vivid blue wrap with their logo and new HDTV stretched across the front sets the stage for all to see.

Is your planned event more than just a truck in need of tender loving care? Do not fret. At JMR Graphics we have it all covered. Whether it be vehicle wraps, huge floor graphics or signage, we can do it all for you. It is important to us that our clients look their very best.

Events tend to come and go and things need to be constantly moved, packed up and taken out again. As time goes by you may worry that your once shining graphics will fade into dullness. We don’t let that happen. With 3M MCS warranty covered graphics and certified installers across the country, JMR Graphics will be there to remove and reinstall your vinyl graphics and signage. Commitment to our clients is taken very seriously.

So, let us help you make your next event something spectacular. We won’t let you down.

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