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Seasonal Advertising


Some companies offer products that are season driven. School supplies, bathing suits, or certain food products are just a few examples. It is important for companies to market themselves effectively and efficiently not only in the months leading up to their appropriate season but throughout the year to build brand awareness and customer loyalty. With such a short period of time, making the most out of your advertising is critical for the business to be profitable.

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Leveraging Product Quality for the Sale

Leveraging Product Quality for the Sale

With Frank Webb’s Bath Center, we decided to use a well-known product to sell a less well known establishment.  Helping each customer redesign and rebuild their homes requires a certain degree of inherent trust between the client and establishment. It is much simpler to base this trust off of the quality of your products, than service, which they have yet to experience.

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How to Know When Your Wraps are On Their Last Legs (or Wheels)

Carpineto-Top (1)

There are many different types of vinyl used for each application. Be aware of what’s needed for your application to ensure the success of your graphics. Here are a few signs that show you might need new graphics. 

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The Three C’s


This Ultimate Fighter trailer quickly grabs its audience’s attention with the help of three C’s color, contrast, and celebrities. Given the name of the competition and the fighters with boxing gloves it’s made apparent this ad is for the finale of a mixed martial arts fight known as The Ultimate Fighter. Although not all companies have this advantage there are still ways to successfully capture your audience’s attention while boldly stating your purpose.

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Trailer Wrapping with a Recognizable Image


Verizon Wireless are one of the most recognizable brands in today’s market. Their commercials have been some of the most memorable ads in recent years, including their famous “Can you hear me know?” campaign. The ads featured a man walking around with a cell phone to his ear saying, “Can you hear me now? Good!” implying that Verizon Wireless doesn’t have weak signal no matter where you go.

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Color Manipulation


There’s no “single best way” to design a wrap. When you sit down to design your wrap graphics, consider the abilities and preferences of your target audience. Select colors and other graphic elements that will appeal to them.

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