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4 Situations in Which Vinyl Graphics Should be Used


The versatility of vinyl graphics makes them ideal for almost any situation. From in-store advertisements to personal vehicle wraps, they can be used for a wide variety of purposes. However, there are some situations in which vinyl graphics can be not only an adjunct marketing effort, but the “main event.”

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2 Reasons Why Vehicle Wraps are a Great Tactic for Start-Up Companies


Wrapping vehicles is an exceptionally powerful advertising medium for any size company. For larger companies, an entire fleet of branded vehicles can generate millions of impressions in a very short period of time. However, for smaller companies such as start-ups, vehicle wraps can be even more powerful. Here are 2 reasons why vehicle wraps are such a great tactic for start-up companies.

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3 Types of Companies that Should Always Use Vehicle Wraps


Like any form of marketing, it’s important to choose the right medium through which to advertise in order to reach your target market. While vehicle wraps can be used by almost any industry or business, they are better suited for some over others. These three types of companies should always include vehicle graphics in their marketing plan.

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3 Types of Vinyl Finishes That Are Guaranteed to Get Your Brand Noticed


With virtually unlimited options, choosing a vehicle graphic may prove to be a difficult task for some. Even if your design has been finalized, you will still have to choose what kind of finish you’d like the wrap to have. When used correctly, these three types of finishes can accent your graphic in such a way that it’s impossible for consumers to ignore!

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Top 3 Tools for Applying Vinyl Graphics to Textured Surfaces


Any vinyl graphic company will tell you that applying vinyl graphics to a flat, smooth surface is no amazing feat. Things get considerably trickier when clients are seeking graphics for surfaces such as brick walls, stucco, or tile. When working with these types of textured surfaces, you’ll want to have at least one of these tools.

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How to Protect Your Vehicle Wrap in the Summer


With extreme heat, high UV exposure, and fluctuation in humidity, the summer can be a deadly time of year for your graphics. As the summer peaks, when the weather is at its hottest, there are precautions that you can take to prepare your vehicle wraps. Here are # ways you can protect your wraps from the ravages of summertime.

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The Versatility of Vinyl Graphics


Many companies use vehicle graphics to brand their fleet or individual cars. The benefits of having one or more branded vehicles are numerous, one of which is the versatile nature of vinyl graphics. Whether you’re branding a single car or a fleet of 18-wheelers, your design options are virtually limitless with vehicle wraps. Here are just three of the ways that vinyl graphics are so versatile:

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3 Reasons to Install Personal Car Wraps


Investing in a car wrap is a great idea for businesses who are always on-the-move. On the flip side, car wraps are also beneficial for personal reasons. Here are three reasons why a car wrap may be purchased for personal use:

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3 Types of Fonts You Should Never Use for a Vehicle Wrap


Choosing a font for your vehicle wrap is an integral part of the wrap design process. You want to make sure that your font is both captivating and easy to read. Nothing is more damaging to a vehicle wrap than a font that doesn’t accentuate the design or turns the viewer off completely. To avoid a wrap design disaster, here are 3 types of fonts that you should never use for your vehicle graphics:

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What Type of Information You Should Include On Your Business Vehicle Wrap


A vehicle wrap can be utilized for business or personal reasons. Whereas a personal vehicle wrap will showcase more of an artistic element, business vehicle wraps are more about marketing and advertising. Here are five types of information you should include on your vehicle wrap in order to best promote your brand:

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