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5 Design Tips for Your Company Graphics

5 Design Tips for Your Company Graphics

Some people think designing your advertisement solely consists of the text you want, the image you want, and the media you put it on. Unfortunately for every business out there, this is not the case. Taking time to conceptualize your advertisement and putting together a quality campaign takes more than this. Here are some tips to use next time you’re putting together a campaign for your business needs:

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The Size of an Image: Does it Matter?


In the midst of all the competition, it is very essential to use the right advertising strategies to make your mark. A carefully crafted design and theme, specific to the product and the customers, is important to a successful business.

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Color Creates Excitement


Colors play a very important role when advertising for your product. So KNOWING what your colors mean to a customer when designing a wrap can make a big difference. Using bright and well-designed car wrap will turn people’s heads. As we know fleet graphic done creatively is so rare, more and more companies are starting to pay great attention to it. When people see well designed and creative colorful vehicle wrap, they remember you for the next time they need service from you.

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Coach Bus Wrapping


Whether you are traveling out of state, to a casino, or your next vacation destination coach buses are a great medium to use when you or your family don’t want the burden of driving. Rarely do you see a large coach bus without a design or at least a logo/name of the company on the bus itself. The goal for the industry is the same for all, to get customers safely to their destination. It is important that coach buses differentiate themselves from the competition by the graphics that are displayed on the side.

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Communicating Your Brand


We all know the big players: Google, Apple, McDonalds, or Coke. Even without hearing their name we can recognize the company just by seeing their logo. It takes time, captivating marketing, and a budget to build an effective brand. Even though measuring a company’s brand awareness is not the easiest to do, companies still allocate money out of their budget to market their logo and company image to customers.

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What Type of Vinyl Wrap is for You?


Many people see a small refrigerator covered with flashy art and believe it was purchased that way. What they don’t realize is that these are generally custom pieces. You can turn any object, wall, or floor, into a vast marketing opportunity simply with the purchase and application of vinyl graphics.

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Minimal Design and It’s Place In The Modern World


Minimalism is all about emphasizing. But when people begin to emphasize everything, nothing ends up emphasized. The middle-ground is always the designers goal; minimal enough to emphasize the point, but not too minimal as to convey your message poorly.

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Could QR Codes Work for Your Wrap?


For many years, QR codes were a big craze. Pushed into the mainstream by Foursquare, QR codes served a distinct purpose, to save you time. Simply by holding your phone to the QR code, instantly you were linked to any web address the marketer set the code for. Over time, this became a dated practice, and QR code usage dwindled. QR Codes weren’t the problem, but it is how they were used and where they were placed that was inefficient. For example, this Orangina wrap could have utilized the extra real estate on their vehicle for some form of a promotion, pulling in tons of impressions daily.

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Food Imagery and It’s Effect on Your Advertisement


Too many companies struggle with a creative approach to their advertisements when first conceptualizing a campaign. Sadly, at times, lack of creative direction provides nothing more than a logo across your average solid backdrop, occasionally with the addition of simple text. This approach, although somewhat effective, holds no comparison to using vibrant imagery, and catchy phrasing, to grab the viewers’ attention.

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Celebrity Endorsement and What it Does for Business


Using famous faces to garner support for your product is key to the success of many worldwide brands. But what is it doing for business? Advertisers follow proven techniques, but at times have no idea what it actually does for them. When seeking celebrity sponsorship, you are looking for four results:

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