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Boston.com: July 5, 2014

JMR Graphics Responds to an Article Discussing the Use of Out-of-Home Advertising that Will Raise Revenue in Luzerne County

Yahoo Finance: June 23, 2014

JMR Graphics Comments on an Article Discussing an Interesting New McDonald’s Billboard Design

Boston.com: June 16, 2014

JMR Graphics Comments on an Article Discussing Coca-Cola’s Creative New ‘Mini’ Advertising Campaign

Yahoo Finance: June 9, 2014

JMR Graphics Comments on an Article Discussing an Innovative New Billboard in San Francisco

Yahoo Finance: May 23, 2014

JMR Graphics Comments on an Article Discussing a Company’s Initiative to Establish the First Billboard on the Moon

Yahoo Finance: May 16, 2014

JMR Graphics Comments on An Article Discussing The Egyptian Ministry of Electricity’s Plan to Use Solar Energy Over Traditional Electricity

Boston.com: May 12, 2014

JMR Graphics responds to an Article Discussing PepsiCo’s Transformation of London StreetTalk Kiosks into Advertisements

Truck Wrapping: Reliability and Satisfaction


Crown Petroleum Transportation LLC is a common carrier trucking company specializing inpetroleum product transportation. In the highly competitive tanker hauling business, differentiating yourself from your competitors is key to be successful. Customer service, delivery of the product or service, and cost are what makes or breaks a company.

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Optimizing Ad Placement in Airports


Travelers generally have some down time while flying the friendly skies. Most commercial airline travelers spend up to two hours at the airport during a single trip, which means more time of possible exposure for your ad. You’ll have a captive audience as people explore the airport until their flight.

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Increasing Your Curb Appeal


Every business owner knows how hard it is to obtain new clients or customers. Marketing and differentiating your product or service from the competition can be a very costly endeavor. However, having your business stand out from the rest does not have to be expensive. A simple, yet effective store front graphic can increase customer walk-ins and lead to more sales.

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