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Alright, Give Me Those Big Puppy Dog Eyes

big nsal

Countless strategies exist to grab interest, evoke emotion, and leave a lasting impression.  Gimmicks range from the outlandish and goofy to the intense.  All things considered, few ideas can match the sympathetic eyes of a puppy for attracting attention.  There is something heart warming about how that tongue sticks out that makes even the casual passerby remember the image.

The North Shore Animal League knows that their puppies and kittens are valuable companions in everyday life and advertising.  The League’s advertisement makes it hard to turn a blind eye.  JMR’s work on this RV for the North Shore Animal League is a testament to the commitment to their animal friends.  The clarity of the graphics and the vibrant colors are the careful work of professionals who are committed to their craft.

Vinyl adhesive graphics serve to capture and maintain the image of our furry friends.  The digital print is designed to protect from the weathering and endure bumps, bangs, and brushes.  Even if the graphic does take unforeseen damage, the 3M MCS warranty will reflect JMR’s commitment to insure the graphics are always first rate.

The North Shore Animal League is also fortunate to take advantage of one of the most important aspects of our vinyl graphics.  Choosing an RV as the billboard, The North Shore Animal League’s asked for an advertisement proportional to their compassion.  At JMR Graphics, size and location for graphics are simply seen as venues, not obstacles.

While having a giant advertisement is a great way to be seen, being on an RV allows these cats and dogs have the additional perk of being seen anywhere.  Nothing quite says recognition like advertising beyond a fixed location.  People congregate in different places at different times with different densities of volume.  It makes sense that desired exposure should be flexible enough to match the ebb and flow of where all the people go.

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