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Advertising on the Go


When it comes to advertising, it can be hard to take your brand to the next level. How can you get your name out to a big audience?  How can you stand out and be unique?  Even hosting events and finding a way to draw enough attention to make it worthwhile can be tricky.

That’s where we come in.

With custom vehicle wraps, the possibilities for advertising are endless.  For example, take a look at what DQ was able to achieve with a vehicle wrap from JMR Graphics. Not only were they able to set up an instant spot for their DQ Blizzard’s 25th birthday, but it was clearly displayed and represented an efficient way to advertise a major event.

If you were a consumer and saw something like this driving on the road, or even parked somewhere, wouldn’t you be intrigued?  Being able to take your message to the road and not having to worry about billboard placement is just one of the benefits of using us to turn your vehicle into a mobile event or advertisement.

The next time you want to take your business on the road or have a major event coming up, stop and ask yourself how you will stand out.  Will your business end up being displayed on a billboard, or will you take it to the next level and try a custom car wrap from JMR Graphics?  Will you only reach one audience in one area, or will you turn your vehicle into a moving advertisement, where the only limit to how many people it can reach is how far you’re willing to travel?

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