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A blank canvas is only good for what you can put on it. Why not take advantage of the advertising space you already have?

Natures Bounty Vinyl Graphics

Every year the US trucking industry moves over 18 million tons of products, from soft drinks to mattresses.  That’s a lot of trucks and a lot of advertising space just waiting to be filled. At JMR graphics, we can help you turn that space into a valuable impression of your brand. We wrap your vehicles with only the highest quality vinyl graphics to make your products standout.

What you can gain from wrapping your vehicles and what you can lose out on if you don’t.

Wrapping your vehicles has several built-in advantages that can only advance your brand and do it easily and effectively.

  • Mobility. That billboard you pass on your way to work every morning? It’s not going anywhere. Depending on the surrounding traffic, that billboard can be seen by numerous cars and people.  Chances are though that a good amount of those people see it every day going about their business, and after a while it just blends into the scenery. But that’s not the case for your wrapped vehicle.  Vehicle graphics on a truck traveling between Point A and Point B can expose your brand to countless people every day, and have a greater chance of reaching new potential customers.
  • Awareness. Besides all of the new customers you can reach, your vehicle graphics can display a whole new side of your company. Have a new product you want people to try? Put it on the side of your truck and customers can get a look at it before even stepping into your store or browsing your website.

For all the good some new vehicle wraps and graphics can do you, not wrapping your vehicles or updating the ones you already have can do some damage.

  • Not using vehicle graphics at all. Now that’s just silly. If you have all of this beautiful blank space on the sides of your trucks, why not use them to advertise your brand? It shows your valued returning customers what’s new and makes potential customers more likely to try you out.
  • Not updating your vehicle wraps. You get a thumbs up for having graphics on your vehicles in the first place, but not updating those graphics can be worse than not having graphics at all. You don’t want a product displayed on your trucks that you haven’t sold for ten years do you? Also, sadly, vinyl graphics don’t last forever.

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