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Showcase Your Space

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Not all businesses can afford television, radio and print ads. In fact, most small businesses are extremely limited in advertising space. However, this does not mean you can’t take advantage of the space you have! Here at JMR we are experts at turning any space you have into an eye-catching display! Here are the 3 best ways to utilize your space for great advertising opportunities:


1) Windows: Attention-grabbing window displays can dominate the storefront of a business can be a major challenge to advertising space. At JMR Graphics, our team can design and install perforated graphics like the graphic we created for our client Petco—shown above. Our high quality graphics can bring vibrant and striking ads to your window real-estate. Since our window graphics are perforated, you do not need to worry about the graphic turning your business into a dungeon—your store will still be as bright and welcoming as the advertisement outside!


2) Wall graphics: These types of graphics do not only bring color and vibrancy to a room; they create an atmosphere for your store! Using high quality vinyl wall graphics that display your brand can turn a gloomy, dull room into a friendly atmosphere that facilitates impulse buying. As with all our graphics, our wall graphics will not damage the walls they are applied to.


3) Floor graphics: Want to stop your customers in their tracks? Floor graphics always get noticed because of the obvious: people look where they’re walking! They are a non-intrusive, simple way to get your brand noticed. Best of all, our over laminate provides JMR floor graphics with an extra level of protection from the abuse of repeated footsteps.


JMR Graphics can meet all of your needs by placing your advertisement in a place where it will get noticed. We can place the ad in whatever location you think will best catch your customer’s eye. Check out our portfolio to see what we have done to get some ideas!

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