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5 Design Tips for Your Company Graphics

5 Design Tips for Your Company Graphics

Some people think designing your advertisement solely consists of the text you want, the image you want, and the media you put it on. Unfortunately for every business out there, this is not the case. Taking time to conceptualize your advertisement and putting together a quality campaign takes more than this. Here are some tips to use next time you’re putting together a campaign for your business needs:

Use Contrast to Support Emphasis
By bolding a specific call to action or even using a different color from your scheme you can pull the viewer’s eye in the direction you want. If you seek awareness of a current deal, your first instinct is to put a bright font on a dark background, or vice versa. This is the start of contrasting. It can also be done with font weights, font types,

Choose a Font Family
Consistency is key in all forms of design. You may want to use a variety of fonts. This is best achieved by staying within the font family. Fonts that are designed to complement each other, as to not clash and aesthetically alter the advertisement.

Pick and Stick to your Color Scheme
Again, Consistency is key here. When a brand chooses their colors (mainly for their logo) they are committing to that scheme full through. To break from this will subliminally throw the viewer off and create a disconnect in your brand recognition strategy. Most artists say stick with 2-3 Main colors, potentially branching off from there.

Image Placement
Images should never be placed at random on an advertisement. If it is a collection of images, a good idea is forming it to a grid. This sense of order will give the user the illusion (whether true or not) that these were professionally taken photos.

Keep it simple
Always the last rule to any design tips. You never want to have a cluttered design. It may look nice, but it will serve no purpose for your business. Getting your point across quickly and in a visually pleasing manner is the only goal of an advertisement.

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