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4 Rules for Designing a Successful Vehicle Wrap


In order to design an effective vehicle wrap advertisement, keep in mind that a simple, easy-to-read message that portrays who your brand is and what they do is vital. Here are four rules to keep in mind in order to create a great wrap for your brand.

1. Start With a Great Brand:  Once you have a great brand, the rest is easy. Make sure that the vehicle wrap properly showcases your brand identity.
2. Limit Your Advertising Copy:  Brand, tagline, website and phone number all you need to succeed. As long as each item is clear and concise, there will be no confusion.
3. Design to Stand Out:  You want your advertisement to stand out, so eliminate noisy backgrounds and visual clutter. You want something that people can read and remember.
4. Simple and Obvious is Great:  You have a limited amount of time to attract a potential customer’s attention with your vehicle wrap, so be sure your brand and the information on the wrap is easily understood and remembered.

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