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3 Ways to Use Vinyl Graphics for Holiday Promotions


Tis the season for good promo! During the holidays, most companies will offer some kind of special deal or promotion to drive sales. It’s the time of year when bargain hunting is at its finest, and using a vinyl graphic of some sort can get your promotion in front of the right people. Here are 3 ways you can use vinyl graphics to help make you money during the holiday season.

  1. Give your store a “holiday” feel. If your business is one that offers seasonally relevant products or services, you can bolster your location’s holiday appeal by adding wall or floor graphics to your store. Adding snowflakes, holiday figures, or other relevant graphics to your store will demonstrate to consumers that your business is current and always adapting.
  2. Make your fleet stand out. It’s almost impossible to ignore a branded vehicle, especially when that vehicle is also “celebrating” the current season. By adding graphics to your fleet that are pertinent to the holiday season, consumers are more likely to remember your company name. With such an easy removal process, a branded fleet is both a good marketing tactic and cost-effective.
  3. Promote holiday deals. Last, but certainly not least, you can show customers exactly what they can get at your store. If you’re are offering a percentage discount, let people know by installing an eye-catching graphic on the windows of your locations. This way, passersby who may not have normally entered the store will be enticed by the discounts and vibrant graphics.
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