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3 Tips for Using Vinyl Graphic Wraps to Generate Leads


Would you believe it if you were told that generating leads for your company can be achieved by simply cruising around in your business’ fleet, the same way you do every day? Vinyl graphic wraps give you the ability to magically turn your vehicles into mobile billboards. In a sea of drab black, white, and gray cars on the highway, your business’ vibrant graphics will stand out and catch the right attention. Transform fellow motorists into future customers with these three simple steps about utilizing vinyl graphic wraps to their full potential.

  1. Use Incentives, And Make Them Pop! Giving people a reason to contact your business is imperative. Using CTAs like “call now” can make a huge difference. Using a Call to Action acts as an incentive to get viewers to act on their impulse to contact your company. Make sure to include your phone number or website so those who see your advertisement can easily reach out to you. When designing your vinyl graphic wraps, it’s vital to put the most important information in contrasting, bold font to make the text pop. These visual tools can be the factor that makes your audience reach for their phone!
  2. Simplicity Is Key You’re leading people to your website, make sure it’s looking good! People of all ages and experience levels will be visiting so remember, a quality landing page is easy to navigate. Your landing page should include lead generation forms so that your customers have a simple means to contact you. Overall, clarity is key. Using CTAs on your website is also extremely beneficial. Words like “request a quote today” can drive viewers to actually take the time to fill out a form!
  3. Leave a Positive First Impression If your vinyl graphic wraps aren’t aesthetically pleasing and properly applied, people will think negatively of your company. Your designs reflect your brand, so it’s critical to ensure that they are of high quality. Everything that you put the name of your business on should be something that you are proud to display. When choosing a company to produce and install your graphics, make sure they are certified 3M printers and manufacturers of vinyl graphics. This certification guarantees that they are qualified to properly produce exactly what you need to generate leads for your business.
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