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3 Reasons Why Vehicle Wraps are a Better Investment than Vehicle Painting


Many businesspeople already know about the return that vehicle graphics can generate for a business. Unlike television or magazine ads, these graphics are always in sight. However, many may wonder why they should opt for a wrap instead of simply painting graphics onto their vehicles. Here are the top 3 reasons you should always opt to wrap your vehicles instead of painting them.

1. Versatility: Both wraps and paint jobs can be customized. However, vehicle wraps can be used for long-term installations or short-term promotions. Wraps can easily be removed and are a more cost effective option if your business switches out graphics often.

2. Resell Value: Reselling a fleet or vehicle can be a tricky process. Vehicles that have graphic paint jobs will cost more to resell due to repainting fees. Wraps can easily be removed without harming the body of the vehicle. In fact, wraps protect the paint of the vehicle from erosion, increasing the resell value rather than decreasing it.

3. Fleet Consistency: Vehicle wrap advertising allows marketers to provide a single digital image to be recreated perfectly numerous times. With custom paint jobs, the appearance of vehicles in a single fleet can sometimes vary due to artist variables and/or human error. With wraps, you are guaranteed that each vehicle will be consistent.

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