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3 Point-of-Purchase Wrap Tips

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 10.44.09 AM

Many large companies do not have the same retail store layout in each of their locations. Therefore, their point-of-purchase layouts may differ from store to store because of shipping limitations or cost. Listed below are 3 tips to keep in mind when implementing point-of-purchase wrapped items.

3. Avoid moving your POP as much as possible

When utilizing a POP wrapped item, the best practice is to choose the most effective location in the store and let it stay there. Moving these items can cause a lack of continuity in your store layout. The more times it is moved, the more chances you create for items to become damaged or lost.

2. Be unique

Try to use unique designs on your POP wraps. Floor graphics, for example, are an unconventional way to capture your audience’s attention. Utilizing hashtags or QR codes is another way to engage customers on multiple levels. Whatever it may be, your design should have at least one unique, engaging factor.

1. Know your space

The locations your company has might not all look the same; they may have different layouts and different amounts of space. If store A tried to look like store B, but did not have the same space/layout/size, store A could end up wasting a lot of materials or installing a POP system that is not right for that particular store. It is imperative to tailor POP systems for individual locations.

JMR Graphics can help you turn your POP product, whether it is located in your store or at events, into a functioning branding tool.

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