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August 2017

3 Tips for Using Vinyl Graphic Wraps to Generate Leads GoodHumor

Would you believe it if you were told that generating leads for your company can be achieved by simply cruising around in your business’ fleet, the same way you do every day? Vinyl graphic wraps give you the ability to magically turn your vehicles into mobile billboards. In a sea of drab black, white, and gray cars on the highway, your business’ vibrant graphics will stand out and catch the right attention. Transform fellow motorists into future customers with these three simple steps about utilizing vinyl graphic wraps to their full potential.

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Four Ways to Pump Up Your Labor Day Sales JMR Graphics Macys

Labor Day is almost here and you know what that means…sales! Labor Day Sales are a great way to boost your store’s revenue and make some extra money. To ensure that you’ll get people in the door, it’s vital to create a marketing plan in advance. This marketing plan should include what you plan to advertise, what mediums you plan to advertise on, and who you’re advertising to. Your ultimate goal is to get customers excited for your sales! Follow these four tips and your business is guaranteed to thrive this Labor Day:

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