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May 2017

Creative Ways to Educate Consumers Through Graphic Wraps Huberts Lemonade

When a business makes a new product or service available to the public, they are then faced with the daunting task of informing the public.  A multitude of marketing efforts must work together to educate and pique the interest of consumers. Including graphic wraps in that marketing plan will help to promote local sales of new goods or services, impact impulse buys, and further the company’s branding efforts.

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Four Advantages of Utilizing Graphics at an Event Peeps-Event

Customizable graphics help to communicate a brand’s marketing objectives and their personality. They improve promotional sell-through, create a call to action, solidify a brand to potential consumers, and impact repeat traffic for existing consumers. Trailer graphics at events are a great way to pull in traffic and serve as a silent salesperson. Here are four advantages of utilizing graphics at an event.

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