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September 2014

Minimal Design and It’s Place In The Modern World bIzE7pCL5Q7NLW_cIm3tCE3AF2Ji3Mq4HlpMi0uJYiQ

Minimalism is all about emphasizing. But when people begin to emphasize everything, nothing ends up emphasized. The middle-ground is always the designers goal; minimal enough to emphasize the point, but not too minimal as to convey your message poorly.

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Could QR Codes Work for Your Wrap? b52wlBJLJ6r7tIMXKFRL8VsjvaINJKChZdPoKoneqaQ

For many years, QR codes were a big craze. Pushed into the mainstream by Foursquare, QR codes served a distinct purpose, to save you time. Simply by holding your phone to the QR code, instantly you were linked to any web address the marketer set the code for. Over time, this became a dated practice, and QR code usage dwindled. QR Codes weren’t the problem, but it is how they were used and where they were placed that was inefficient. For example, this Orangina wrap could have utilized the extra real estate on their vehicle for some form of a promotion, pulling in tons of impressions daily.

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Food Imagery and It’s Effect on Your Advertisement drLPfpeEG0h0SFdOlswaEM4qEOMKwa8NK-qrpGMgmkw

Too many companies struggle with a creative approach to their advertisements when first conceptualizing a campaign. Sadly, at times, lack of creative direction provides nothing more than a logo across your average solid backdrop, occasionally with the addition of simple text. This approach, although somewhat effective, holds no comparison to using vibrant imagery, and catchy phrasing, to grab the viewers’ attention.

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Celebrity Endorsement and What it Does for Business FZwfmGeFZZtME9LTMj-1LmuBDSsWrZvtxrsVh1z6oo0

Using famous faces to garner support for your product is key to the success of many worldwide brands. But what is it doing for business? Advertisers follow proven techniques, but at times have no idea what it actually does for them. When seeking celebrity sponsorship, you are looking for four results:

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