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August 2014

Choosing the Right Text for Your Message LHQDxMHJHEKRWnvU3Rmaq08Ulw34kpGl9-fD34CXVOg

First impressions are everything. We know this by virtue of visual advertising. A person see’s what your company does and makes a snap decision on whether or not they’d consider your product or service. What makes up this decision? Essentially a good ad involves a pleasing visual, an effective call to action, and the most legible text you can find that fits the imagery. Unfortunately, the reality is, if you have a great image that catches people’s attention but a very weak call to action, your effort will fall short.

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The Color of Attention colgate-rv-wrap

Many advertisers take into consideration a few different things when conceptualizing new art. Generally the end product is most efficient when engaging text meets eye catching imagery, giving your target a reason or incentive to purchase your product as opposed to a competitor. But this is only the basic idea. Within Imagery and Text there are a multitude of questions you need to consider.

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Don’t Look Down! Clever Surface Graphics Taking the World by Storm penn-station-floor-graphics

With advertising blindness at such a high, getting your message to stick isn’t easy.  Creative and innovative ways to really get people interested are few and far between.  Different styles of graphics are great ways to attract attention from a different approach.  New York City, for example, is a city with ample advertising to say the least.  The amount of foot traffic it sees daily ranges into the millions.  But with ad blindness, we still see a low turnover in certain mediums.

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5 Creative Approaches to Wrap Design FgSYV4-7RhfdZ4duZK-Q7mTu5dwf95GbDXVs4vi8hUE

Legendary salesman Elmer Wheeler once said “Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle”, meaning, no one wants to see the cow your steak came from, but we do enjoy seeing someone cut into a steaming, freshly cooked porterhouse. Making your product visual isn’t always easy. Some companies sell the actual image, such as food, while others sell the action a product accomplishes, like tools or business services. With a portfolio as vast as ours there are plenty of examples of this famous sales principal at work.

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