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April 2014

Ever Wonder What You Can Wrap or What Kind of Wraps Exist? We Have the Answers! AppleEve-POP

Many often wonder if vehicle wraps are intended for trucks or cars. The beauty of vehicle wraps is that they are very versatile and can be used on nearly any kind of vehicle you can imagine from cars, vans, trucks, buses, RVs, golf carts, etc.! From individual vehicles to fleets, we have done it all! Check out some of our custom wraps here: http://www.jmrgraphics.com/custom-decals.php

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Yahoo Finance: March 31, 2014

JMR Graphics Responds to an Article Discussing the Atlanta Hawks’ Billboard Reveal

How to Keep Your Wrap Simple, Yet Effective SoftServe

Most companies are utilizing vehicle wraps, from completely wrapped trailer fleets to small car spot graphics. With all these wraps competing for peoples’ attention, how can you make your wrap stand out without being gimmicky or over-the-top? Here are some tips to help you do just that.

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Top 5 Things to Include on Your Vehicle Wraps SweetNLow-Vans

Vehicle wraps grant businesses the opportunity to get their message to the public. But how do you know if you are taking advantage of this opportunity? Check out our list of the top 5 things to include on your vehicle wrap to ensure your brand’s message is clearly stated and leaving impressions!

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WCAX: March 8, 2014

JMR Graphics Comments on An Article Regarding a New Car Financing Program in New Delhi That Utilizes Vehicle Wraps

Top 5 Vehicle Wrap Mistakes to Avoid MNH-RV

Whether you are wrapping a single truck or an entire fleet, you want each wrapped vehicle to achieve the maximum in terms of benefits for your brand! Here are the top 5 vehicle wrap mistakes to avoid:

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Mobile Media Advertising AppleEve-Trailers

Using mobile media advertising, like vehicle wraps, can have many advantages. The top three advantages and reasons companies choose mobile media are: they are affordable, unique, and effective.

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KSWT: March 7, 2014

JMR Graphics Comments on An Article Regarding Pepsi Max’s “Live For Now” Billboard Campaign

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