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June 2013

Summer’s Heating Up and so is Out-of-Home Advertising! 6-13

Summer is a great time for outdoor advertising!  More people have time to travel and have a chance to see what great products and services companies have to offer.

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Vehicle Wrap Advertising is a No-Brainer! Australian Event

Vehicle wrap advertising has become an effective and affordable advertising alternative to more traditional strategies: newspaper ads, television commercials, radio spots, etc.  It turns your company vehicle, whether it is a van, car, truck or bus, into a moving billboard.

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The weather is gettin’ hot and so is outdoor advertising! 6-12 blog

What a better way to get people to notice your brand then giving them a way to come in to contact with your brand while enjoying the warming weather. JMR Graphics gives you everything thing you want and hope to see in mobile and outdoor advertising. 

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Hats Off To Effective Graphics! 605

It’s graduation time – that means celebration and cake! And Carvel’s got it. This truck wrap that we made for Carvel advertises cakes that they make for various special occasions – from graduations to birthday to anniversaries. Does your brand cater to specific events around the year? Get a vehicle wrap to advertise to people who are looking to get ready for that special occasion!

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