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March 2013

Do You Know How to Catch Their Attention? tweezerman

The key to good advertising is being able to capture the consumer’s attention.  Regardless of what you’re selling, the only way people will buy it is if your product appeals to them. And what’s one way to make a product appealing?

Fantastic advertising.

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Advertising on the Go untitled1

When it comes to advertising, it can be hard to take your brand to the next level. How can you get your name out to a big audience?  How can you stand out and be unique?  Even hosting events and finding a way to draw enough attention to make it worthwhile can be tricky.

That’s where we come in.

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March 15, 2013: The Miami Herald

Nationwide Bus Wraps Manufacturer, JMR Graphics, Reacts to New Jersey School District Advertising on School Buses

March 8, 2013: The Boston Globe

Nationwide Vehicle Wraps Manufacturer, JMR Graphics, Responds to Philly’s Plan to ‘Wrap the City’

Stand Out Above the Crowd untitled

When it comes to advertising, there seems to be countless ways a company can get their product out there to the public. A lot of companies will choose to advertise on websites, TVs, and even billboards. While those are all great ways to display a product, they all share one flaw: It’s an extremely common way to advertise. It’s hard to stand out above the crowd when your competitors are displaying their products the same way you choose to display yours.

Instead of following the crowd, stand out.

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Make Your Event a Spectacle Sharp-Event

We understand how much time goes in to planning a live event. You need to think about and prepare for anything that could possibly go wrong. What’s the biggest thing that could go wrong? You have the event and no one pays attention.

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March 4, 2013: CBS MoneyWatch

Nationwide Bus Wraps Manufacturer, JMR Graphics, Recommends Investing In Mobile Billboards in Connecticut

March 1, 2013: Newsday

Nationwide Trailer Wraps Manufacturer, JMR Graphics, Urges Outdoor Advertisers to Use Vinyl Wraps

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