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January 2013

Opening Doorways (or Elevators) to Creativity zippo elevator

There are many ways to be creative with custom vinyl graphics that can stretch the imagination. Three dimensional graphics can be placed on trucks or floors giving the appearance that the objects are flying out at you. Stairways can become a complete image when people approach them. Even at night, graphics can come to life and glow making sure nothing stops them from being seen. This type of creativity with vinyl graphics can make advertisements memorable. At JMR Graphics, we have the creative team that can make your brand unique and resonate continuously through the minds of consumers.

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We Have The Nation Covered with Exceptional Service JMR1

Custom vinyl graphics is a cost-effective way to spread awareness of your company or product across the country. You can easily hit many demographics with well-placed graphics in transit locations, on windows, walls and floors, and on mobile vehicles. Advertising isn’t restricted to the standard forms of media.

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Captain, the Fleet Is Approaching! Coors

Having a countless amount of corporate trucks or tankers spreading branding mayhem across the country is a well devised battle branding strategy. Why not spread the “awareness-wealth” with the distribution of your product? Mobile media is incredibly cost-effective, especially if you already have the real-estate to do it.

Our client Coors does an amazing job with their branding as their iconic Silver Bullets stream across the nation with the help of our vinyl graphic expertise. JMR Graphics has the ability to make your campaign dreams come true for you, no matter how many trucks are in your fleet. To be perfectly honest, more is better.

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Your Coolers Are Bland You Say? photo(12)

Newsstands, coolers, and hot-dog stands oh my! No object is too insignificant for custom vinyl graphics, especially when it’s your brand that is being represented. Wherever you advertise your brand or products, the displays you use should be put to work as well by grabbing the attention of potential customers and showing why they matter. Who would walk up to a plain white pushcart cooler with the urge to grab what is inside? It’s a little boring in our opinion. Plus, a plain white pushcart cooler is wasted creative space full of dreamy opportunities.

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You Don’t Need To Cover It All Up to Look Good photo(11)

When it comes to vinyl graphics for cars, trucks and buses, sometimes it isn’t necessary to “bling” your vehicle out from bumper to bumper. Subtlety and precision can give you the attention your brand needs without covering up a sleek paint job. It can also create a whole slew of unique ideas to portray your business. Spot Graphics are perfect for displaying your brand or product without saying goodbye to your favorite metallic silver.

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Being Dull Is No Way to Promote an Event JMRBlog

When a company wants to start an event to show the world why their product is incredible, being unforgettable is important. Who would remember your brand new line of HDTV’s if your event truck had a small basic logo in the corner. Or even worse, if it had nothing on it at all.

Events need to pop! First impression is everything when it comes to events and we have the ability to make your brand draw consumers in with sheer excitement and curiosity. Let us help you excite the audience.

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We Have Mass Transit Covered From Toe to Toe Bravo

Train and subway stations are wonderful places to advertise brands and products. Millions of eyes swarm through these hallways of opportunity. Of course you can go with full wall vinyl graphics and posters, but what about being a little bit more unique in your ad placement? Advertising is not confined to one location. We can be much more creative. Just don’t trip on the idea.

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Don’t Get Caught In the Dark PCRichard-Reflective

Thinking about getting a great new graphic on the side of your company’s vehicle? Don’t get caught in the dark!

Remember that your vehicles will not only be seen in the bright sunshine, but also at night. You can make sure your vehicles never lose their “voice” by utilizing reflective graphics. This will make sure that your brand is always in the consumer’s eye, even when they can barely see themselves.

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Go Big or Go Home, We Have Your Back image

Sometimes endless rows of window panes across buildings or at entrance ways can be a pretty sight to see. Other times it can be incredibly boring. Why not capitalize on all that space? JMR Graphics can bring you custom vinyl window graphics to spruce up your windows. You have a lot of real estate you say? Not to worry. Our window graphics are not victim to restrictions. If you want to cover a lot of ground, or a lot of glass in this situation, we have you covered. No pun intended.

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