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December 2012

Larger Graphics Doesn’t Mean Short Term is Not an Option REPP-Windows

Vinyl graphics can be used for both long and short-term, regardless of the size of the graphic. At JMR Graphics, we understand our retail clients and the variation in space they would like to cover with promotional advertising. These advertisements are usually short-term campaigns moving as quickly as popular trends and seasons, especially holiday sales. In order to attract those consumers into your stores, large vinyl graphic ads would be perfect to grab anyone’s attention. But ads that large are most likely expensive and more long-term than anything, right?

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Not Just Vehicles: Alternative Uses for Vinyl Wrapping Entertainers-Windows

We have gone into discussion about how wrapping a vehicle, whether it is a car, a truck, or a bus, with a vinyl wrap in the name of advertising can be a major benefit for your company. While that is extremely true, you do not necessarily have to limit yourself to just a vehicle wrapping. There are other ways to apply a vinyl wrap in order to get the best exposure of your business/product.

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Make your Point of Purchase Really Pop! Olympus-POP

Yes, we make custom vinyl graphics that will scream your brand’s name. Customers will become entranced by the lively advertisement and feel intrigued to check out your product. Why not give the customer what they want? With custom POP (Point of Purchase) graphics you can do just that.

Our client Olympus needed something special to catch the eye of potential customers strolling past their mobile camera stand. JMR Graphics was able to capture the design they were looking for with our vinyl graphics to give their POP that extra pop. We worked with Olympus to create an impressive full display of their logo and photographs. The quality for the top photograph vinyl is not diminished either. JMR Graphics offers both digital and screen printing. Our digital printing process keeps the quality of your photographs so they will look beautiful even on a large canvas.

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Let Bus Advertisements Drive You Towards Mass Awareness Naked-Transit

Do you ever think about how you are going to advertise your brand or product to the masses with a limited budget? The answer is quite simple, mobile media advertising. Public transportation in cities has an enormous amount of reach. Countless amounts of people use buses, taxis and trains. Don’t forget power walkers, casual striders and strolling pedestrians either. There are many eyes to attract in this atmosphere. So, it makes complete sense to advertise in this type of setting, especially if you want more value for your investment.

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Taking the Red Carpet Graphic to the Locker Room RedCarpet-Walls

If you think custom graphics are not for you because they seem too long-term for any campaigns you want to run, please listen in. JMR Graphics can print and install custom-made graphics for many surfaces including buses, trucks, windows, walls and even gym lockers. They can be made for temporary use as well.

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Perforated Window Graphics Blow Up Your Brand Without Closing You In Petco-Windows

Do you want custom made vinyl graphics for your store front, but all you have are windows from edge to edge and concrete to roof? First of all, those are very big windows. Second, we can design and install graphics even for you. And third, you will not have to turn your store into a dark cave with nothing but the back of huge vinyl graphic blocking the view of your customers.

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